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By visiting this site and all pages herein you implicitly agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated herein read together with the privacy policy described elsewhere on this site. In order to use this site you must be 18 years of age or older as at the time of registering with us.

– Users may not copy, download or otherwise print or make use of any of the contents except for personal use. Commercial use of any logo, text content, graphics, photo, images or themes that are copyrighted, is strictly prohibited.

– Users may not attempt to access any other user’s account or otherwise hack this site in any manner whatsoever.

– Users may not post offensive comments and must use only appropriate language while leaving feedback.

– If, during the use of this site, your computer is infected with a malware or virus that is entirely not within our control and we are not liable for any damage directly or indirectly arising therefrom.

– We are not responsible for any errors of commission or omission in text or information available on this site.

– It must be noted that SocialVaidya serves as a conduit and does not process payments on behalf of patients or healthcare service provides that may include medical shops, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, nurses, laboratories and diagnostic services. Patients must take appropriate precautions while making online payments.

– SocialVaidya is not responsible for the conduct of patients or doctors or healthcare service providers and does not entertain disputes, neither does it take any responsibility for any claims of any kind or for refund if services are not found satisfactory.

– Patients as well as doctors and health care service providers must follow ethical practices. Those found violating commonly understood norms of ethical practices will be blacklisted on this site.

– Services of this site are provided in good faith. We do not give guarantee to patients that doctors or healthcare services will respond promptly or appropriately. However, such responses can be brought to our attention in order that we may take corrective action and warn other likely patients.

– You can book services online and we will issue electronic confirmation by mail or SMS. Bookings cannot be changed. Patients pay healthcare services directly and we are not involved in any way.

– When you consult our panel for review of your case papers, any advice given is in good faith after study of your information. We do not accept any liability or responsibility. You must use this information to take a better informed decision in consultation with your specialist.

– We reserve the right to add to, amend, alter, modify or delete any of the terms herein without prior notification.

– Disputes if any are subject to jurisdiction of courts of Law in Patna.